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Lone Dynamics Corporation is an American technology company.

We conduct research, develop products and provide services that we hope will improve the state of reality.

Computational longevity.

Lone Dynamics is developing a series of small modular general-purpose computers designed to operate and remain useful for many decades into the future. This will be accomplished by carefully selecting parts and interfaces and making deliberate tradeoffs.

The computers will be fast enough to be responsive and useful for many tasks but will not have the processing power of typical modern computers, there will be many applications for which they will not be suitable.

Lone Dynamics will release software snapshots, including a UNIX-like operating system and applications, that will aim to be useful and complete as-is without the need for regular updates.

Use cases:

  • Secure personal computing (writing, communication, programming, etc.)
  • Wearable computing
  • Embedded & real-time computing
  • Education
  • Industrial control systems
  • Sensors and sensor stations
  • Robotics
  • Security and encryption
  • Cryptocurrency wallets
  • Many more ...

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